The biggest “buzz-word” today in Human Resources circles is “Retention”.

A cottage industry has been born revolving around the concept of employee retention. There are boot camps, team-building programs, webinars, seminars, videos and books – all designed to promote employee retention.

While, in theory, retention is a noble goal, the true key to organizational success lies in hiring and keeping “good” employees.

To achieve this goal, a culture of engagement and loyalty must be created, which in turn fosters retention.


Retention is not about changing a culture, it’s about creating and maintaining one as a core value of an organization.

Every organization is founded with the idea that employees will be invested in the success of the company, yet sometimes that component of success gets lost somewhere in the business of conducting business.

Building a business and building an environment of employee engagement & loyalty go hand in hand.

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce and a productive workforce impacts the bottom line.

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