Q. Why should my company outsource unemployment claims services?

A. Your job is to hire, train and keep good employees. Our job is to make your job easier.  We help impact your bottom line while you are managing your current, productive employees.  Our team of experts deals with the state agencies to protect your interests in unemployment cost control while helping reduce or eliminate your unnecessary unemployment expenses.

Q. The unemployment claims process seems to be getting more difficult and our tax rates keep increasing. Can you help with that?

A. These are the things we specialize in helping with! Our claims specialists deal directly with the state agencies on your behalf and take the frustration out of the process for you.  Our win ratio of claims directly impacts your tax rates, contributing to your bottom line as a result.  Our management training and consultation services help communicate an understanding of the system and the requirements, making manager’s jobs easier and protecting your account from unnecessary benefit charges.

Q. Is it my imagination, or are the state agencies always on the side of the claimant?

A. It’s not your imagination.  State agencies are mandated to “seek a reason to pay a claim”, putting the employer at a disadvantage from the start.  The burden of proof for denying unemployment claims is placed squarely on the shoulders of the employer.  Our services “level the playing field” by using our expertise to successfully navigate through the system, providing the best opportunity for our clients to win the claims they want to win.

Q. Does your company help with hearings?

A. We specialize in hearings representation.  We help prepare our clients for the hearing by developing the evidence that best supports their case.  We coach witnesses on the processes and the testimony to be offered in defense of the claim.  We provide the evidence to the interested parties.  And, we actually participate in the hearings with our clients to ensure their best case is presented for a successful determination.

Q. What kind of training do you provide?

A. We provide personalized, in person training for your managers and supervisors so we can deal specifically with the issues that your company faces and that are inherent with your specific industry.

Our unemployment cost control training focuses on documentation, interviewing and hiring. The training is done at your place of business at your convenience.

Our Management Development/Employee Engagement Program training is more tailored to improving management skills, including interviewing and hiring techniques, communication & employee engagement, team building, consistent and regular employee evaluation techniques, succession development, reward-based engagement processes and retention solutions.

Q. How do you base your fee structure?

A. Our fees are based on client activity and the anticipated impact our services will provide in the form of tax savings.  Some of our competitors base fees on the number of employees a client has.  From our perspective, this “punishes” the client for having a large employee base – in effect, for their success.  We base our fee on the number of unemployment claims and the savings our program helps provide.  It is not unusual for our tax savings to be more than 10 times the annual fee.  Real results and real value.  We also provide a “fee-back” guarantee, which keeps the focus on saving money and provides our clients with a level of comfort in investing in our services.

Q. How often do you provide training and where do you provide it?

A. We will tailor our training to meet your specific needs.  We can schedule these seminars as often as you would like, at your place of business and fit the training into your time frame.  This way, we can deal directly with your managers & supervisors and deal specifically with issues that inherently affect your industry and your company.

Q. How does the claims management process work and how much additional time will be required of my staff if we outsource these duties?

A. The process is streamlined in such a way that your staff will actually have more time to tend to other duties for your company.  We take the work off of your staff, we deal directly with the state agencies, we provide address of record options and we tailor all of our processes to best meet individual client needs.

Q. What does it mean when you say you “represent us at hearings”?

A. It means exactly that – we are at the hearing as your “primary witness”, meaning we can ask questions of the claimant and other witnesses to ensure your best case is presented.  We can cross-examine witnesses and make closing arguments.  In addition, prior to the hearing, we consult with the client to develop a strategy, determine who we want to be witnesses and prepare those witness prior to the hearing to commit to the strategy and ease any anxiety or concerns that may come from the perception of participating in the hearing process.

Q. Our employee policy manual is outdated, I’m sure. What if you review it and determine we need and entirely new manual?

A. Actually, policy manuals can become outdated very quickly if they are not consistently reviewed, due to changes in legislation and the growth of technology & its place at the worksite.  If your manual is in fact obsolete, we will help you develop a new one designed to meet you specific industry and organization needs.

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