Our services are designed to address areas where employers face potential exposure to unnecessary unemployment liability. These services work in concert with one another to reduce this potential exposure.

Unemployment Cost Control

Our singular focus is saving our clients’ money and working as a team with our clients, we consistently meet this goal.

What does Unemployment Cost Control entail?

Claims Management

We help you reduce your claim liability through the management of the entire unemployment claims process. learn more

Hearings Representation

We take the time to thoroughly prepare all witnesses with extensive pre-hearing conferences in which we go through all the plausible arguments that may arise based on the evidence collected. learn more

Management Training

The number one reason employers lose unemployment hearings is a lack of evidence or poorly maintained disciplinary records. We can help you to eliminate this issue by training your managers on how to keep meticulous records. learn more

Policy Review

Our team will go over your companies training manuals and all policies with a fine tooth comb. learn more


Our Occupational Analysts can help you with a variety of consultation services at no cost, saving your business thousands of dollars each year. learn more

Management Development/Employee Engagement

We provide developmental training to managers to teach them how to be effective leaders that promote the desired employee experience.

What does Management Development entail?


We provide educational seminars for managers and supervisory personnel to help assist in eliminating unnecessary unemployment costs. learn more

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