When your claims go to hearing, you can trust us to represent your interests by providing you the best possible advantage.

We have extensive experience with unemployment hearings representation and client consultation services. Our approach to unemployment hearings representation is the same as it is for all our other services areas, we are proactive, detailed and personalized. Our broad expertise on the nuances of individual state laws and requirements give us substantial leverage in planning and preparation.

Our systems allow for immediate notifications of unemployment hearings which gives you more lead-time to schedule and prepare for the hearing. We take the time to thoroughly prepare all witnesses with extensive pre-hearing conferences in which we go through all the plausible arguments that may arise based on the evidence collected.

We provide open and prompt communication throughout the entire process by keeping you apprised of all developments and issues we discover. We take pride in our level of success in working with our clients to reduce or eliminate unnecessary unemployment expenses by successfully winning unemployment hearings.

We participate in the hearings either with the client, or on behalf of the client.  We make sure the best case is presented by properly preparing witnesses and providing the best evidence available to help decide the case in our client’s favor.

Our nearly 100% client retention rate reflects the level of trust our clients place in our services and the results we achieve.

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