Question: What is the number one requirement for a claimant to be eligible for unemployment benefits?
Answer: He has to be unemployed.

It stands to reason, the fool-proof way to eliminate unnecessary unemployment costs is to eliminate turn-over. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and turnover is a real part of today’s business culture.

What separates the success of one business over another is the experience it provides to its customers.

What separates the success of one employer from another is experience it provides to its employees.

Every business is formed with the ideal of creating a happy, healthy work environment for its employees that fosters engagement, growth, success and loyalty. Sometimes, in the course of doing business, this core concept is lost.

In today’s business climate, all managers are Human Resource Managers and most managers are managers because they were good at something else. We provide training on interviewing & hiring and how to effectively get the desired results from these processes.

We provide training on management and engagement tools to set employees on a path for success which increases organizational success. We provide training on developing employees from a management standpoint and an employee standpoint, by involving employees in the process.

We evaluate employee attitudes towards management and the employee experience and use this information to shape better management practices and develop accountability on the management level. We solicit employee suggestions on improving the workplace environment and put a reward system in place.

We “accentuate the positive”. By encouraging suggestions, we reduce complaints. An invested workforce is an engaged workforce.  An engaged workforce is a loyal workforce. A loyal workforce is a committed, productive workforce.

All of this results in retention of employees and reduces costs associated with not only unemployment taxes, but also recruitment, interviewing, hiring, insurance, safety and EEOC – just to name a few.

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