Unemployment issues rarely begin when employees exit from a company, they often begin before the human resources department is even involved. Often times issues arise months or even years before an employee needs human resources’ to intervene. In many organizations there is a clear disciplinary process that involves steps to correct behavior that conflicts with company rules, regulations and vision. When these attempts to correct behavior are not successful a company’s next step is to deliver consequences.

This process can be quite a rollercoaster ride and during this process the most important thing aside from complying with federal, state and local labor laws is to document and file your paperwork accurately. The number one reason employers lose unemployment claims, and ultimately lose unemployment hearings, is a lack of evidence. We can help you to eliminate this issue by training your managers on how to keep meticulous records. We will take them step by step through your company’s disciplinary process and teach them what important facts are necessary, how to record all meetings and incidents thoroughly. We also guide your managers in how to file these documents so that they comply with all laws and company regulations. Come hearing day, you will be prepared to present your flawless records and win your case.

We provide educational seminars for managers and supervisory personnel to help assist in eliminating unnecessary unemployment costs. Training includes an introduction to the unemployment claims system, including employer responsibilities and the manager’s role in meeting state-mandated requirements. These training sessions focus on progressive disciplinary practices and teach managers how to handle and document these situations easily, quickly, correctly and consistently and how to avoid the potential conflict these situations can create.

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