While training your managers is a crucial step in ensuring that your records are accurately recorded and filed, that is just one part of the equation. In addition to missing and poor paperwork, poor policies are another major reason employers lose unemployment claims and hearings. Poor policies are also a key factor in increased unemployment costs. Many companies start with a vision statement and try to align their policies to that vision. This can be problematic if the policies are not developed correctly. Our company can help to make sure this is not the case with your company.

Our team will go over your company’s training manuals and all policies with a fine tooth comb. Our purpose is to ensure that your policies are set up to deliver the type of working environment you desire while also making sure that you are compliant with all federal, state and local labor laws. We have found that that many companies don’t even realize that their policies create a work environment that set their staff up to fail or creates a hostile work environment which in turn causes them to file unemployment claims. In some cases we have found companies with policies that clearly violate labor laws which not only leaves them open to fines but almost guarantees that they will lose a hearing if they choose to protest an employee’s claim.

Most times we find that the issues we have described are accidental and simply due to an inexperienced human resources team or simply not enough research by the executive staff and we can fix that. Our goal is to make sure if you have to defend or present your policies to anyone, not just in a hearing, you can do so with confidence.

Employee Handbooks

We help develop a new guide for employees, or review an existing version to ensure that the policies you have developed and implemented are being accurately conveyed to your new and existing employees. Employees cannot adhere to policies that are not made clear. We can make sure that there are no grey areas and that all policies are included and clear.

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